Salmon And Chicken in mousse 70g in pouch

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A recipe specifically for kittens, full of salmon and chicken protein, blended into a soft and velvety mousse.

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Why choose this product

  • 100% complete and balanced recipe, with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the kitten from 2 months to one year of life
  • with added taurine to support growth
  • with DHA as an aid to correct brain development
  • rich in protein from real salmon and chicken
  • in soft mousse to accompany the kitten during weaning
  • rich in broth, to provide the necessary hydration to the kitten
  • grain free
  • minimally processed quality ingredients with high nutritional value


salmon 31%, chicken 29%, salmon broth 29%, chicken liver 4%, tapioca starch, refined sunflower oil, egg powder, minerals, tuna oil, chicory inulin.
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Analytical Components

protein 10%, crude fat 4%, crude ash 2%, crude fiber 0.1%. Humidity 82%. Ca 0.31%, P 0.26%, DHA 0.29%.

Advice on use

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The indicated quantities refer to the administration of the complete wet product alone and may vary based on the specific needs of the animal. The quantities take into account the animal's daily nutritional requirements (related to weight, age, and lifestyle) and the characteristics of the food.

Recommended doses:

Age 2-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months
Quantity 4 per day 5 per day 4+1/2 per day
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Serve at room temperature. Store in the refrigerator after opening and use within 48 hours.


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