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Per capire meglio cosa piace al tuo pet ed entrare in sintonia con i suoi gusti prova una delle box Schesir. Al loro interno troverai diverse selezioni di alimenti, così, una volta sicuro delle sue esigenze potrai acquistare ciò che preferisce.

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The nutrition that nature intended

Schesir foods are made with a selection of the best ingredients, which undergo minimal processing and perfectly meet the nutritional needs of our pets, just as nature intended.

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Animal proteins

Meat is an essential part of their diet, because they are carnivores, so animal proteins support growth, help maintain muscle tone and keep them healthy.

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More hydration

You need to ensure that dogs and cats drink plenty of clean and fresh water to keep them healthy, as this maintains the correct hydration and supports their physiological bodily functions.

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Flavour and variety

Offering different and tasty foods is important to guaranteeing a complete and appetising diet that is both varied and full of essential nutrients.

The Schesir diet

Every animal needs a diet that satisfies its needs, which are always different. That is why, whether it is a cat or a dog, we believe that choosing high-quality food that is minimally processed and full of the right nutrients for growth and development is the right place to start.

Our boxes

Carnivore Box

Adult cat

The Schesir After Dark wet line for adult cats is complete, balanced and grain free.

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Baby Box


For kitten there is the Schesir Baby wet line with minimally processed, complete and balanced foods.

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Dog box

Adult cat

The perfect and balanced mix for your four-legged friend: dry and wet in a single tasting box.

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