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Every animal is different, which is precisely why they have different needs. Here at Schesir, we work every day to develop the right products to suit their specific needs, which vary based on age, size and character. How? We select the best ingredients and create tasty and varied recipes, designed to encourage healthy and correct growth.


A generation of carnivores

Cats are natural hunters

Cats have descended perfectly from their ancestors and have not changed due to domestication, so they are still natural carnivores. That is why their dietary needs are very different from human ones. Discover what they are.

Meat is a necessity for them ...

Cats cannot do without meat, because the proteins and amino acids are divided more quickly in their bodies. This is the case for taurine, an extremely important amino acid contained primarily in foods of animal origin and with a high protein content, such as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy products. They would suffer if they did not obtain it.

… unlike carbohydrates

Due to the absence of certain enzymes that digest starch, cats cannot convert starch and carbohydrates into energy. They do not actually even need them, other than sporadically!

They obtain hydration from food!

Cats spent thousands of years eating small prey, from which they obtained sufficient liquids for their nutritional needs. Choosing a complete diet that contains plenty of liquids is the ideal solution for ensuring that they are hydrated in the most natural way possible.

Our idea of pet food

Pets do not all need the same food! You can discover the best and most nourishing one for yours here.


Complete wet food

A meal full of protein and hydration that contains all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals your cat needs.

Complete products
After Dark - filetti e patè
After Dark Velvet Mousse
Targeted nutrition

Mix feeding

In a complete diet like this one, the wet food compensates for the dry food and vice versa: it is always a good idea to combine one with the other, to offer our pets a complete meal every time they need it.

Complementary wet
+ proteins
+ hydration
+ digestibility

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have the same type of diet as we do

Whether or not they are our faithful companions, what we can say for certain about dogs is that they have learned over time to follow in the footsteps of their human owners, up to the point of eating the same things. Discover their dietary characteristics here.

They have introduced carbohydrates into their diet ...

As is the case for humans, carbohydrates have a dual purpose for dogs as well: they are an excellent source of energy and help to ensure a healthy intestine and a feeling of fullness. However, there is a substantial difference.

… but they still prefer meat

Dogs, unlike humans, are carnivores, so the portion of starch in their diet should never be the main source of energy, even though they are able to digest it properly.

They have a nose for delicacies

If tastiness depends on flavour and aroma, Schesir is the right choice to make! The large variety of textures available in the range of dog foods will ensure that they are always satisfied.

They also need to hydrate

Liquids are essential in a dog's diet as well, so it is best to balance the right diet with frequent replacement of the water in their bowl, which should always be fresh and clean.


The choice of the mix feeding range for dogs is the right one, because combining dry and wet food meets all their dietary needs.

Extremely pleasant flavour and consistency

The right mix of carbohydrates and proteins

Full of vitamins and amino acids

Minimally processed raw materials

Variety of textures

High level of hydration

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