The first ones cooked in the oven!

The only oven-cooked kibble, with a technology that preserves the vitamins and minerals. Aspecial recipe for kittens, with fresh chicken as the main ingredient and with very fewcarbohydrates. A complete product with a high protein content, inspired by a natural, prey-based diet, just as nature intended.

Unrivalled nutrition

With a high protein content ≥43% and a low carbohydrate content <10%, the new SchesirBorn Carnivore range is the perfect food for true carnivores, even very young ones!

Gentle cooking

Gently cooked in the oven, with a technology that preserves nutrients, such as vitamins andminerals, to obtain a more appetising food than extrusion.

More protein

A higher inclusion of fresh meat compared with extruded products on the market. Freshmeat is more nutritionally complete and more digestible than highly processed animal meatflours.

Low carbs recipe

Less than 10% carbohydrates. A level that is impossible to reach for extruded products. Inextruded products, a much higher level of starches is needed in the recipe to guarantee itsproduction.

For true carnivores

Other extruded product

*Average values


Born Carnivore





+ 40% more protein

- 61% fewer carbohydrates

*The values shown on the graph have been calculated with reference to the average daily requirement of a cat.

Hydration is important

Always combine wet food with kibble

Kibble is a complete food, but it should always be served with a wet food to satisfy a cat'snatural need for hydration.

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