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Complete and balanced wet food for kittens

Schesir Baby is the range of minimally processed, complete and balanced wet foods that satisfy the complex dietary and energy needs of kittens.

What does your kitten need?


Respect its stages of growth: from the neonatal period (1-2 weeks) to weaning (5-8 weeks) and up to its first year of life.

A friendly vet

When your cat is a kitten, following the advice of a vet is essential to guaranteeing healthy growth and long-term well-being.


Playful activity helps the cat to discover its territory and refine its qualities and aptitudes. Through play and fun the cat learns to develop different skills.

Of the right nutrition

Playing helps a kitten to discover its own territory and refine its characteristics and aptitudes. Cats develop various abilities through play.

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A guide created by Schesir to provide you with more info and support when a tiny kitten comes into your life.

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