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Chicken with egg baby 1,25Kg

Born Carnivore


The only kibbles oven baked, to preserve vitamins and minerals. Fresh Chicken is the first ingredient (33%), low carbs recipe, with fiber for easy digestion and with omega 3 &6 for skin&coat. A complete high protein meal, made in Canada.

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Why choose this product

  • Oven Baked to preserve vitamins and minerals
  • Schesir Born Carnivore is a recipe with a high percentage of animal protein recipe for young carnivores (43%)
  • Minimum carbs content (9,8%) for healthier kittens
  • TOP 4 ingredients are animal sourced
  • Fresh chicken is the first ingredient
  • With DHA, for kitten development
  • With fibre for easy digestion
  • With omega 3&6 for skin&coat
  • Grain free
  • Made in Canada


fresh chicken 33%, dehydrated chicken proteins, egg powder 11.8%, hydrolysed chicken proteins, canola oil 3.9%, tapioca, chickpeas, dehydrated peas, linseed 2.5%, brewers’ yeast, minerals, dried whole cell algae 0.5%, salmon oil 0.1%, inulin 0.1%, spinach, pumpkin 0.05%.
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Analytical Components

Protein 43% Magnesium 0.12% Crude fat 23.5% Sodium 0.45% Crude fibre 2.1% Calcium 1.5% Crude ash 11.6% Phosphorus 1.2% Potassium 1.31% Moisture 10% Omega-3 2.2% Omega-6 3.9% DHA 0.14%

Advice on use

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For proper, complete and balanced feeding, it is essential to provide both dry and wet Schesir food to the cat on a daily basis. The transition to the new food should be gradual. The quantities indicated refer to the feeding of the dry product alone, or combined with the wet and may vary according to the specific needs of the animal. Leave fresh water available at all times

Age(DRY) 2-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months pregnancy
Quantity(DRY) 50-70g 80-70g 75-70g 100g
Age(MIXED) 2-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months pregnancy
Quantity(MIXED) 30-50g + 1 can 40-30g + 2 cans 8-12 months 35-25g + 2 cans 60g+ 2 cans
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Store in a cool dry place.

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