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Tips You should know about cats and dogs this fall.

Tips You should know about cats and dogs this fall. Autumn is a transitional season characterized by climatic changes and lowering temperatures, factors that can be delicate for our pets as exposes their needs to many changes. 2 Settembre 2019 Practical advices Not everyone suffers the cold in the same way Not all dogs and [...]

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The benefits of wet cat food

The benefits of wet cat food The food we choose for our cat is essential for ensuring a healthy life. You may not be aware of this, but there are 41 essential micronutrients that your cat needs to perform the normal vital functions. In the wild, a cat would normally supply itself all the necessary [...]

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Salmon Deluxe

Schesir Salmon Deluxe 4×70 For cuddling him naturally, every day, from today also with Salmon tastes in a Deluxe version 8 June 2020 News Schesir presents 2 new proposal Da Schesir two new proposals based on high quality natural salmon in an elegant box of 4 cans, to delight him with a new refined taste experience. NATURE EXPERIENCE, [...]

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Our commintment for the environment.

Schesir has always been involved in environmental protection for future generations, through an increasing number of actions, transparent and easily identifiable by the customer.

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