Wet cat food - Tuna with ham 85g can

Wet food for adult cats

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A Schesir recipe based on real tuna fillets, paired with tasty ham, for an appetizing flavour combination. The ingredients are prepared in their broth, for cats who love a more natural taste and texture.

  • Tuna is the main ingredient in this recipe
  • A ham topping adds the final touch to this tasty recipe
  • All ingredients selected by Schesir are 100% natural
  • The ingredients are steam-cooked and prepared by hand
  • All Schesir products are formulated with no added preservatives or colours
  • Schesir uses only sustainably fished tuna
  • Cruelty free
  • Practical 140g value pack


A careful selection of the best ingredients



  • 4% % ham
  • 2% % Rice

Feeding guidelines

You can serve Schesir Tuna with ham up to twice a day: pair it with our complete wet or dry foods to give your cat an unparalleled taste experience. After opening, store the product in the refrigerator and use it within 48 hours. Serve at room temperature.


The cans containing Schesir Chicken with ham are made of steel and can be recycled. Remember to remove the label and place it into the paper recycling bin. Always consult your municipality’s local rules for separate waste collection!

Recommended for adult cats

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