Why does my cat drink so much? When to worry and what to do

Does your cat drink a lot? We explain why this might be.

Why does my cat drink so much? When to worry and what to do

Our four-legged friends are not known to be big drinkers and when they start drinking more water than usual, we panic.

If you have noticed that your cat, who usually prefers a water fountain to a bowl, finishes the water in the bowl and starts drinking more from dishes and even the toilet, you are probably worried and want to know why it is drinking so much.

The causes of a cat's excessive thirst can be diverse and, fortunately, are not always due to particularly serious illnesses.

However, there are cases where you should be concerned and be very attentive to the signals your cat's behaviour is sending you.

Why does my cat drink so much? Possible causes that you should not ignore

Cats usually only use a water fountain a couple of times a day.

If your pet’s diet is well balanced between kibble and canned food, wet food provides a good amount of fluids (just like their natural food) and they need no more than 80 ml of water per day.

So then why does your cat drink so much water? There are many causes and, in some cases, it may be due to quite serious illnesses, which should not be taken lightly.

Why cats drink so much: what are the causes that are not related to illness?

As we said at the beginning, you do not need to panic when a cat drinks a lot.

Our four-legged friends may also be thirstier than usual for reasons that are more common than illness.

For example, it's summer and temperatures have risen several degrees: like you, your four-legged friend is suffering from the heat and needs to drink more often... and so do you!

A change in diet may also cause your cat to drink more water - are you sure you are feeding it properly? Remember that they always need  dry food to be supplemented with wet food to get the right amount of water. Also, a diet that is too salty may not be good for them. Never underestimate the importance of the food you feed your cat - it is very important for their good health!

Finally, medical treatment with cortisone and diuretics may also increase a cat's thirst: if this is the case, talk to your vet.

Why do cats drink so much: what causes medical problems?

If you have eliminated the above causes, your cat may have other, much more serious problems, so we suggest you visit your vet for a thorough examination.

Urinary system and kidney problems

If your cat is older, it may have kidney problems.

Over the years, its urinary system may stop working properly and its kidneys may no longer be able to absorb water properly.

Have you noticed whether your cat has started to urinate frequently and sometimes even outside the litter tray?

Its kidneys may have been damaged and no longer function well enough to maintain fluid balance.

Unfortunately, in this case there is not much hope: it is an incurable, degenerative condition.

With the help of a vet and proper treatment, you can delay the process and prevent your cat from becoming too ill.

Diabetes mellitus

Another reason why cats drink a lot and urinate often is diabetes mellitus. However, this disease is also accompanied by an excessive increase in appetite.

If your cat is always hungry but does not put on weight and, on the contrary, tends to lose weight, it may be suffering from this disorder.

In this case, you should take your cat to a vet for a series of tests to check the fructosamine levels in the blood. If these are high and confirm diabetes, treatment and a diet for your cat will be recommended.

Diabetes mellitus may occur more frequently in animals over six years of age and, in some cases, may also be accompanied by cataracts. If your cat is starting to get older, don't play down its excessive thirst and take it to a professional for an examination.

Thyroid enlargement

Sometimes cats may also drink heavily due to thyroid enlargement.

In this case, the problems are due to a malfunctioning thyroid gland.

You may have noticed an increase in your cat's appetite and an excess of energy in its behaviour, which is hyperactivity.

We advise you not to waste time and to take your four-legged friend to the vet immediately for an examination.

What to do when your cat drinks too much

We've looked at why cats drink a lot of water and given you some tips on what to do in specific cases.

In general, if you have noticed that your four-legged friend is very thirsty, always remember to keep an eye on it to observe all the signs of its behaviour and see whether you should be concerned or not.

If your cat is a heavy drinker, check its diet first to make sure it is not the wrong food that is causing it harm. Foods that are too salty are not good and dry kibble should always be supplemented with wet food.

Finally, don't waste time: trust us and take your cat to the vet to make sure he or she is in good health.

Only a  thorough professional check-up can prevent possible diseases, even serious ones: the vet will explain why your cat drinks so much, reassure you and advise you on other measures you should take to keep your four-legged friend healthy.

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