The right time to feed your cat

Cats should eat little and often. Read about the best way to organise their daily meals.

Feeding for cats


Serving food twice a day is the most convenient method for every owner. You give the first meal when you go out in the morning and the second on the way back, but are we sure that’s the best choice for our cat?

The answer is more no than yes. While the cats love the routine, such a large time lag causes hunger and the danger of vomit immediately after eating. In addition, cats are animals that like to get food on their own and the inability to do so at home makes them very nervous.

Or three?

Splitting food three times a day is especially beneficial for young cats. The daily quantity should not change, but the higher frequency certainly helps. However, the problem remains that most cat owners are away from home all day.

On request and independently.

The “on-demand” method is used by most cat owners and consists of providing food when your kitten approaches the pantry and begins to draw attention. The advantage here is that the food is never wasted and that there is more continuous contact between the owner and the animal. However, two problems arise: he may get used to expect food in the middle of the night or want it when you are not at home.

Having a Schesir dry food dispenser at your disposal would help your cat eat when she really wants to. What about moist food? It is important to provide both types of food.

The right mix.

Schesir recommends alternating dry foods in the kitten’s daily diet, to provide the right balance of different nutrients that will help remove tartar, and wet foods to hydrate the cat doesn’t like drinking. The proportion between wet and dry should be defined more precisely according to the needs, habits and preferences of the cat, however, it roughly can be 50% to 50%.