Schesir presents the 8 "Specialities of the sea".

Eight delicious fish, 4 of which are new, are included in Schesir’s natural jelly recipes in the classic single-serving 85g tin format.


For years now, we have known the tastes of your pets and we know how difficult it is to satisfy them. For this reason, our range of products, already very wide, often expands with additional varieties, appetizing thanks to the quality and naturalness of our ingredients.

This time we have gone deep into the seas to bring to the bowls of your cats the delicacy and quality of 8 “specialties” of fish, 4 of which are totally new and never seen before in the natural recipes Schesir.

The “Specialities of the sea” are 8 recipes, all based on tuna in jelly, each in combination with other 8 different types of fish.

Which are the 4 “new” fish and why did we choose them?
The dentex is a sea fish whose meat is low in fat, highly protein and easily digestible.
The Mahi is a fish with a very tasty meat, with compact and rich in protein.
The grouper is a very valuable fish, with well digestible meat, with a moderate lipid content.
The yellow tail is one of the most prized blue fish and has a taste of meat that recalls that of tuna.

Did you know them? Now, in combination with the tuna, you can have your pet taste them. Let us know if they lick their paws at the end of a meal!