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Is your house really pet-proof?

Practical advices

Checking the environment.

Seeing them wagging or jumping around the house is a real pleasure, but there are some small ways to improve the everyday life of your dog or cat. Let’s start with the spaces: the Great Dane in a studio apartment would feel tight, but there are no rules or requirements to be met. Just follow common sense.

For newcomers to the house, however, there are some tips to put into practice. The owners are out all day long and the pet either gets terribly bored or studies some marachelle to do. If they are puppies, then, the entertainment becomes fundamental. Which games are good for me? Colorful balls and biting toys for your dogo, mice and plastic balls for kitten Especially for cats, it’s important to have a scratching post and small climbing climbing towerswhere you can climb right away. So that tents and porcelain pots are safe.It’s a good idea to make them rotate and not put them all at their disposal, it’s a good idea to keep a constant interest in them.

Where is the food?

For both dogs and cats, the rule of thumb is to always place the food in the usual place, but away from the kennel of the first and the bedding of the second. These are their daily shelters and placing food in these areas may cause them to eat even if they are not hungry, but only out of boredom.

Clean and tidy.

At least once a month, we recommend that you do a deep cleaning with steam at 100°C. Carpets, armchairs and sofas are the first suspects. It is used to eliminate any parasites that animals inevitably carry with them, even if prophylaxis on our friends and the use of pesticides will keep you away from bad surprises. Also, always remember to take care to place all the detergents in places where your pet can’t get there.

Furnishing plants.

In addition to detergents, insecticides, medicines and other waste, there are also some indoor plants that should never be left within reach. A good example with the pre-Christmas period? The Christmas star or the mistletoe: they seem harmless to us, but it is not so for our dogs and cats!

Follow in the footsteps of these tips or take the opportunity to make it even more comfortable.