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In the interest of maximum transparency for our customers, Schesir is always willing to respond to any enquiries about its products via this website and its Facebook and Instagram pages. Here you will also find the most common questions our customers ask us every day, with answers, for an even more efficient service.

Actually no, this has not been scientifically proved; in fact the cereals used in Schesir Dry products (rice, maize and barley) are highly digestible. For this reason, if a dog is sensitive to proteins, a plant-based product containing cereals and vegetables can be offered. It’s a good idea to let the body “rest”, rather than trying a series of elimination diets to find out which animal protein is poorly tolerated.

There is one flavour, because poultry is the most frequently-used organic raw ingredient. There is a single format, because the product is new and needs to be evaluated before we decide to produce it in other formats.

It should be placed in a covered container in the fridge and consumed within a maximum of 48 hours after opening, as indicated on the package.

Because cats by nature do not drink enough: by providing wet food we give them the opportunity to take the water they need every day, reducing the risk of developing kidney stones.

Schesir wet foods are prepared by hand using natural ingredients, and are therefore high-level nutritional products, containing only the minerals naturally present in the ingredients (real chicken and tuna); these minerals are preserved nutritionally intact, as they are not processed mechanically. The only products that contain added minerals are those for kittens/puppies; the nutrients naturally present are increased, since the nutritional needs of young animals are higher than adults.

The fish used in Schesir wet products is caught in the open sea and does not come from fish farms, for higher quality nutrients.

The remaining ingredient up to 100% of the composition is simply water, which may be in the form of broth, sauce or jelly. Legally, water is not considered an ingredient, and therefore it is not mandatory to declare it.

Absolutely not. Specific research conducted by the University of Bologna has shown that limited amounts of fruit, such as those contained in Schesir 75g tins, have a positive effect on the intestinal ecosystem of the domestic cat, significantly reducing ammonia.

Natural jelly, cooking water, cooking broth, natural sauce, with real pieces of fruit.

Schesir wet food is prepared by hand and steam-cooked to preserve all the nutrients, then sterilised to ensure preservation and food safety.

Agras Pet Foods rejects any kind of invasive or cruel tests at all stages of production. That’s why Schesir is listed as a “cruelty-free” brand by animal rights associations, and its packaging carries the logo as “self-certification”.

Cereals are included in the recipes for several reasons: they are particularly easy to digest (partly thanks to the production process), making the product light and digestible; they contain fibre, essential for correct bowel function; and they provide energy for immediate use (especially for dogs); starches contained in cereals facilitate the extrusion process, otherwise the kibble would not remain intact. Remember that the animal protein source (dehydrated chicken, fish, pork or lamb) is always the main ingredient, except in products for mature animals, because older pets need less protein.

Because puppies need several essential fatty acids for correct development: from a combination of two oils (flax and sunflower) they receive all the Omega 3 they need (EPA and DHA), in a correct ratio with Omega 6.

Schesir cares about environmental sustainability: we use only tuna which is already mature and belongs to species that are not over-fished. We care about transparency: you can check the label to see if the specific production batch contains the species Euthynnus Affinis or Katswonus Pelamis: just find the letter A or B in the batch number on the bottom of the tin.

Natural products are those whose ingredients undergo as little processing as possible, so that when the package is opened, they look the same as the raw materials used to produce them. Organic foods are made using ingredients from certified organic farming and livestock breeding. Obviously, a fish caught in the open sea is natural, but will never follow the procedure required for organic certification.

We use dehydrated beetroot pulp containing no carbohydrates (i.e. sugars); it is added to provide fibre (not sugars!!)

Yes, the ingredients are the same as those used for human food, but once designated for pet food, they can no longer be defined as “human grade”.

No, to avoid overfeeding and the risk of weight gain, you need to reduce the recommended daily portion of one of the foods. For more precise indications according to the specific needs of your pet, you can contact the email address on the back of the package, and you’ll receive personalised advice.

Yes, in fact the ingredients list identifies each organic ingredient with an asterisk. The only non-organic ingredients are minerals, because there are no organic minerals. To be 100% organic, a product must be made with at least 95% organic ingredients, and our products often reach 99%.

No, the images are merely intended as an example of small dog breeds. The products are actually suitable for all dogs, regardless of their breed or size. In fact, the nutritional needs of dogs are the same, while the amounts of food they need vary according to age, size and daily physical activity.

Because it’s a different type of product. Schesir Natural comes as chicken or tuna fillets in jelly, water, broth or sauce with the addition or otherwise of vitamins and minerals, depending on the line; Schesir Bio is a “stew” that contains offal, vitamins and minerals as well as muscle in jelly. The product is not prepared by hand like Schesir Natural, but uses a technology that emulsifies meats with jelly and micronutrients to make a chunky paté.

Qualitatively there is no difference between the two; they are two different ways of saying the same thing: “meat and derivatives” follows the Directive (EEC) 475/1982 (categories of ingredients which may be used in the composition of pet food), while “chicken” refers to the EU Regulation 1017/2017 (catalogue of raw materials for animal feed). The 70% content of meat and animal derivatives refers to the ingredient in the finished product: 100% chicken indicates that this amount is represented entirely by chicken.

It increases the animal’s feeling of satiety and, at the same time, lowers the calorie content of the food. This is particularly useful for cats who need to lose weight or keep under control.

Rosemary is included as an antioxidant and a natural stabiliser of the product.

No. As with all our dry foods, the ingredients are not distinguishable, so the fruit is not recognisable, but contained in the product as a dry or dehydrated extract, like all the other ingredients, which are emulsified evenly to create the kibble.

The vets at the university did not simply carry out standard analyses. They thoroughly studied the recipes of Schesir dry foods and confirmed their nutritional suitability: by feeding your pet Schesir you provide the correct quantities of all the nutrients he needs daily, whatever his age.

Schesir dry products for sterilised cats are nutritionally approved by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. This means that the product formulation has been thoroughly and meticulously analysed, starting with the raw materials used and the nutrients they provide, right through to the quality and quantity of minerals and vitamins added to the product. The finished product is therefore complete, balanced and formulated specifically for healthy sterilised cats, to help them maintain their well-being, including an adequate weight. To maintain optimum health, we recommend providing your cat with smaller daily meals and always leaving plenty of fresh water available. Although not necessary for nutritional completeness, you can also alternate with Schesir wet foods, allowing your cat to balance the right amounts of nutrients and liquids.

Schesir offers foods with uncomplicated recipes to provide your animals with all the nutrients they needs daily. Each Schesir food is specially designed for dogs/cats, puppies/kittens/adults/elderly, in sizes toy/small/medium-large, without further subcategories (the important thing is its suitability for the physiological phase of the animal). When preparing a recipe, it is extremely important to meet FEDIAF nutritional guidelines; our foods are therefore complete and balanced. Formulating a food for a specific breed does not make much sense, as the needs of all dogs or all cats are actually the same. It is enough to simply vary the amount of food according to the animal’s age and lifestyle, providing more or fewer calories depending on their levels of activity. Moreover, FEDIAF itself identifies nutritional needs based on the weight of the adult animal and its physical activity, not on the breed.

To avoid unwelcome reactions in your pets, it’s a good idea to change their diet slowly and gradually, starting with 3 parts of the old food and 1 part of the new for the first 3 days; then 2 parts old and 2 parts new for another 3 days; and finally 1 part old and 3 parts new for 3 days. This process is recommended not only if you change your food brand, but also for any drastic changes in diet (e.g. from wet to dry food).

Indication of carbohydrate content is a requirement in human nutrition. The rules concerning the labelling of animal foods do not require carbohydrate content to be specified. However, we can deduce the amount from the difference between the percentages indicated [100 – (moisture+fats+protein+ash+fibre)].

Copper is a trace element found in all tissues. It is needed for cellular respiration, haemoglobin synthesis and collagen production. Copper deficiency can cause anemia and weakness. Zinc is important in the formation of numerous enzymes for the maintenance of fur, skin, bones and muscles. Zinc deficiency can lead to skin and fur problems (dermatoses).

Preferably not: animals with health problems should be fed with specific products according to the vet’s instructions.

No preservatives or colours are added to our dry foods. The kibble is preserved thanks to extrusion at high temperature, which reduces the microbial load, and to greasing, which protects it from oxidation.

Even when sterilised, dogs move more during the day than cats. This means their weight is maintained more easily, so any dry product can be recommended. To maintain your dog’s healthy weight, you should follow the instructions for use given on the label and make sure your pet walks and plays on a daily basis. If your dog has a tendency to gain weight you can reduce the daily portion of dry food while keeping a close eye on the weight, taking care not to feed other foods that can provide extra calories. It is possible that a specific product may be developed in the future.

To be complete, balanced and palatable, a product does not necessarily have to contain many ingredients, especially if these are good quality and provide all the nutrients your animal needs. Indeed, a short label is a plus, and much in demand by today’s customers.

Because analysis has confirmed that since the nutrients present in the kibble are from high-quality raw materials, they are assimilated better. Analyses carried out strictly in vitro (i.e. mimicking the pet’s digestive system in the lab) confirmed that Schesir dry foods contain nutrients which are easily absorbed and can be used almost in their entirety; the proteins and fats in particular are highly digestible and then largely absorbed and used to build tissue and provide energy.