Ethic and values.

Schesir’s mission is the well-being of pets, but it is also aware that this is closely linked to that of their owners and of all human beings, as well as to a healthy environment.
In order to meet this goal, the company is committed to making its own economic, social and cultural contribution in the community in which it is active, as well as focusing on eco-sustainable choices.

The Company refuses to use any type of cruel, invasive test for production of pet food products it sells and this has earned it a place with animal rights associations as a “cruelty free” brand.

Our values.

Naturality and quality

  • Our recipes do not contain preservatives, colourings or synthetic appetizers
  • The raw materials we use are always selected from the best available on the market
  • We are not satisfied with the usual raw materials, but we are always looking for innovative ones, for the well-being of dogs and cats
  • We favour the use of proteins with high organic value, a parameter as important as the percentage of protein contained in them

Honesty and ethics

  • We want to earn the trust of dog and cat owners every day by operating honestly
  • We are committed to working towards continuous improvement, with maximum transparency for consumers
  • We are increasingly taking concrete action to improve the condition of animals, humans and the environment in which they live
  • The full traceability of our food, in compliance with legal requirements, is increasingly available to consumers for checking

Wellness and health

  • Offer only genuine food, therefore as simple as possible, with a short list of ingredients
  • Prefer cooking methods that maintain the same organoleptic characteristics
  • Carrying out a large number of inspections throughout the production chain