Schesir is involved in environmental protection for future generations, through an increasing number of concrete actions, transparent and easily identifiable by the customer.
For wet products we use only 2 species of tuna, selected among the not over exploited species and that have already reached reproductive maturity. Thanks to complete traceability of our ingredients, on our packaging is clearly indicated the tuna species used in every production lot.

Schesir commitment for sunstainable fishing is communicated on the back side of Schesir products with tuna, with the “Ocean Friendly”symbol.

For packaging and pop materials, recyclable materials are preferred and, when possible, in recycled paper or coming from controlled and regenerated forests. The equivalent CO2 emissions produced by the paper used for packaging are compensated for reforestation actions.

Sunstainability report.

To demonstrate its growing commitment to sustainability and to make more transparent choices, the company has decided to draw up a non-mandatory document, the Sustainability Report, containing a description of all aspects concerning sustainability, and how the company and the brand have addressed them in recent years: strengths, weaknesses and goals for the future. The first edition was in 2015, the last one in 2016 and 2017.