Cats in winter: how to help them deal with low temperatures.

Cats have specific needs in winter.

Find out in this article how to help them feel good even in the coldest months.

Feeding for cats

Cats have specific needs in winter.

A cat’s body temperature is higher than ours, but cats feel the cold and humidity all the same, so we must keep this mind and help them keep warm.

Here are some useful tips.

Flat cat or outdoor cat?

In winter, “flat cats” who never go out will seek sources of warmth like blankets, radiators or stoves. They’ll spend most of the day curled up in a warm place and only “get up” to eat. Let them snuggle in your lap, maybe with a blanket too, but make sure to find time for playing too: to keep these felines active and happy it’s important to interrupt their sedentary lifestyle.

Cats who are used to going out, on the other hand, need to be protected against the freezing cold in winter. As cats don’t usually take to being dressed up (unlike dogs), other strategies are needed, such as not letting them out at the coldest times of day and choosing sheltered, preferably sunny spots for them.

If you’ve got nowhere like that outdoors, it’s fundamentally important to find time to play with your cats indoors: running around, jumping and climbing will satisfy their desire for movement.

Remember that many cats grow underfur in winter and this gives them better protection when they go outdoors at low temperatures.


Cats in winter: the right food


Whether yours is an indoor or an outdoor type, you need to slightly modify their diet in winter. Part of the energy a cat gets from food is used to regulate body temperature: by giving your cat a little more to eat, you’re providing the energy needed to regulate their temperature in winter. To be sure of not exaggerating the amount of food (and therefore of energy, leading to weight issues), seek advice from your vet or Schesir’s nutritionist (always available!): they’ll certainly be able to help.

Regarding the food itself, you’ll find product lines selected for each of your cat’s particular needs on Schesir’s website.

Make sure your cat’s water and food bowl are always in a warm and sheltered position, so they won’t be in the cold when eating.


To make your cat feel fine in winter, follow these tips

In winter, cats like to sleep more than usual, snoozing away in the warmth of their bedding. Here are some tips to make your cat’s day pleasant and even fun.

  • Leave the shutters open to let in the light and what sunshine there is, so your cat can choose a warm spot.
  • If you’re going to be out all day and leave the heating off, make sure there’s some bedding where your cat can curl up and keep warm.
  • Put some toys by the bedding so they can play on their own if they feel like it.
  • As soon as you finish work, devote yourself to your cat: pampering and playing will keep kitty active and happy.



If you follow the tips in the article, your cat will have a great winter. Try to get them playing to break up the sleep/meal pattern, and interact with them to keep them active and spirited, so when spring comes round, they’ll already be in dazzling form!

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