Cats and winter.

Cats don’t like the cold and in the winter months they eat more to warm up.

Feeding for cats

Sensitive to cold

Cats do not really get along with the cold temperatures, especially the matures and the puppies. For cats, winter means more relax than usual. In fact, they tend to go out only for a very short walk and, when they do, they increase the thickness of the coat to maintain the body temperature.

They prefer to spend their time between the warmth of your arms, over a duvet, or near a radiator or a stove. The sleep? They need a lot of it, so do not worry if your cat sleeps a lot.

A further comfort: the food

A complete food – from a nutritional point of view – becomes fundamental in the winter. Micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins promote their natural well-being. Choose a food that is complete and balanced, but also appetizing. Schesir helps you with excellent quality meat and fish.

Winter is a delicate season for your cat, but if you keep these tips in mind it will be easier.