Cats and dogs: how to keep them under the same roof

Cats and dogs: can they live together?

Read the article and discover how to make them the best of flatmates!


Cats and dogs: can they live together?

For lovers of both, choosing between them is impossible.

So let’s learn how to get cats and dogs living happily together!

Easing them into a good relationship is possible. Let’s see how.

Cats and dogs: who said it’s not possible?

To keep a dog and a cat under the same roof, you have to understand the differences in behaviour between the two, starting with how they reason and relate to one another.

Understanding cats’ and dogs’ signals

Dogs are sociable animals. Just watch their behaviour to understand that socializing comes naturally, instinctively to them.

Dogs are used to forming groups and playing together, whereas cats avoid one another as far as possible.

That’s why dogs tend to chase cats, to play with them, but in so doing they only frighten them.

Cats are independent animals: they don’t go looking for their master and they don’t want to play all day.

When cats are on edge they whip their tails, whereas dogs wag theirs because they’re happy and want to play. This aspect is very important because when the one sees the other moving that tail, they interpret the gesture their own way and so misunderstand what the other one is actually saying. Seeing a cat flashing her tail, a dog will think she’s happy and approach to play, but madam is signalling that fun and games isn’t exactly what she has in mind.

They speak two different languages.

How to nurture friendship


To become good friends and live in the same home with reciprocal respect, they both need time. They have to learn the other’s language. You play an important role in this: it’s up to you to introduce them and lay the foundations of their friendship.

The simplest way is to get them used to living with another species when they’re puppies and kittens, when they usually have fewer problems forming relationships with the “other”. Getting adult animals to live together is more challenging. You have to use more tricks.

For the first few days of cohabitation, try to keep their spaces well defined but swap their toys and bedding around so they start familiarizing with each other’s smell.

The first encounter requires a lot of care and precautions: try keeping the dog on a lead and make sure there’s an easy exit for your cat, should he feel threatened.

From the viewpoints of both dog and cat, avoid leaving them together in spaces with no escape route.

Observe their reactions and consider whether or not they’re ready to be left unattended together. One meeting often isn’t enough. Try every day and be patient. Give them time to study and start understanding one another.


Getting cats and dogs to live together isn’t automatic but, with time and the strategies we’ve looked at, it’s possible.

There are certainly cats and dogs who are more inclined towards friendship than others. The important thing is to be patient and give them time to get to know and accept one another.

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