Schesir Friends.

The animal friends are all friends of Schesir!

We want to share as much as possible with themin this virtual living room full of pillows to get comfortable talking about this and that, useful and superfluous ... just as we do when in free time we relax cuddling our four legged friends.

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Feeding pregnant dogs and their pups

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Does winter change the dog's diet?

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When your dog is very hungry.

Did you notice that your dog eats its food too quickly? Here are some tips to help dog enjoy its meal slowly.

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When's time to feed your dog?

The day of the your canine begins in the morning with his first meal, which will provide the energy for the whole day, which can be followed by a possible mid-day and a mandatory one in the evening. If your dog is a puppy, he must eat smaller but more frequent portions - 4 to 5 times a day.

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